About Us

Sigdi Restaurant was founded a couple of years ago and has since then it has become one of the most distinguished restaurant offering wide range of Cuisines. Located at Bandra (W), Sigdi Restaurant has redefined the modern dining experience. Here you find a range of cuisines served in that are tasteful and sophisticated. Warm service, value-for-money meals along with appealing themed food feast and carousing ensure you enjoy to the fullest. Considering our guest as no less than crowned heads, we offer a menu that puts forth the most lavish spread. We floor them with rare, traditional specialties. And expose them to a standard of service that brings them back for more.

The social environment of Restaurant is vibrant and inviting. We cater to all tastes, preferences and age groups, an older crowd, expats and even celebs flock to our restaurants and lounges because of Restaurant's universal appeal and exotic environment. The freshness of the food used characterizes the quality of the meal, thereby determining the splendid cuisine. At Sigdi, we believe our guests have every right to be as demanding as Royals. That is why; we insist on reproduction our own livestock, grind our own herbs & spices and bring a different flavor to every dish.